E17 Art Trail: Ideas Spark Talk

On Thursday 22 February we were privileged to host the latest E17 Art trail talk.

It was a fantastic talk – and also a first for Gnome House – we had one speaker in the building, and the other live from a coffee bar in New York City!

The talk, “About Ceramics, Neuroscience & Philosophy” was by E17 artist, Amanda Doidge and philosopher Benjamin Dalton. Amanda’s latest ceramic work responds to Benjamin Dalton’s question: ‘Do our brains sculpt identity in the same way an artist makes a sculpture?’

In the talk, Amanda Doidge told us about her involvement in Benjamin Dalton’s PHD project ‘Narrating Plasticity’ and the experimental ceramic work she has produced in response to engagement with the neuroscientists from the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute, King’s College London.

Benjamin Dalton reflected on how working with Amanda and the resulting dialogues between the laboratory and the artist’s studio has changed how he has approached his PHD.