The Art of Conflict: Masked Ball

Anne Desmet RA, ‘World War I - Flight’

Gnome House and Inky Cuttlefish Studios present: The Art of Conflict

Please join us when Gnome House launches as an exhibition space for hire, on Saturday 2nd April 2016 with a Masked Ball from 6.30-11pm.

The Masked Ball celebrates a very exciting exhibition called ‘The Art of Conflict,’ curated by Anna Alcock MA, and featuring artwork by a collection of international artists.

Tickets cost £10 and include a free drink & nibbles. There will be a cocktail bar with music being provided by E17’s very own Auntie Maureen. And… the wonderful print of the Sopwith Camels by Anne Desmet RA, featured above, will be one of several pieces of work you could win in the raffle.

You can buy tickets direct from Inky Cuttlefish Studios, E17 Art House or:

Tickets are available here on Eventbrite


Gnome House

Gnome House is a 2500 sq ft community creative space on Blackhorse Lane with a state-of-the-art exhibition system. The venue is ideal for group exhibitions, one-person shows and graduation exhibitions. It is now available to rent.

The Art of Conflict exhibition

During the centenary of WW1 and given the history of Gnome House, it seemed appropriate to have an exhibition that would explore the idea of conflict from different vantage points. Gnome House’s history as a factory for the assemblage of WW1 Gnome et le Rhone engines (used to power bi- planes including the Sopwith Camel), alongside the industrial heritage of this area and its links to war machines, including factories which built Mosquito airplanes during WW2, has resulted in an amalgam of inspiration and conversations about war and conflict. Inky Cuttlefish has invited artists from Mexico, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, South Africa, London and Wales to respond.

Inky Cuttlefish is especially pleased to have Royal Academician Anne Desmet as headline artist. Anne Desmet RA’s new ‘St Paul’s’ suite of five wood engravings creates an intentionally ambiguous timeline. It suggests both present day London and the London of the Blitz, via a series of sequential images show ing St Paul’s cathedral from dusk to dawn – with unfolding events of a single night.

The preview of the exhibtion is on Saturday 2nd April 2016: 1.30-5pm
Masked Ball: Saturday 2nd April 2016 from 6.30-11pm
Exhibition Continues: Saturday 10th April 12-4pm. Sunday 3rd and 10th April 2-5pm

The Masked Ball

To celebrate the exhibition and the space in which it is exhibited, we will be holding an Art Deco Themed Masked Ball on 2 April, with tickets costing £10 per person. You can buy tickets from 7 March at the following places: Eventbrite, Gnome House, Inky Cuttlefish Studios or E17 ArtHouse (cash only). Tickets are all hand printed and limited edition. Auntie Maureen will be doing the music so it will be a night to remember! Please note our ball is for over 18s only.

Auntie Maureen
Relentlessly searching for musical discoveries, Auntie Maureen has travelled across countries and genres and scenes and dancefloors since the 1980’s. Her appetite for melodies has taken her to the most magical of musical spaces, even as the only DJ to ever audition and be accepted at the Royal College of Music. With the electronic turntable as one of her lifetime companion she has now also added two original HMV 102 wind-up gramophones to her collection of record playing machinery. Her 78rpm shellac crackle, hiss and pop can thus be heard at venues such as Tate Britain, Freud Museum, at the annual Tweed Run and the Chap Olympiad as well as for style moments such as the Vodafone London Fashion Weekend and haute couture glossie L’Officiel de la Mode.

Participating Artists
Anne Desmet RA
Alicja Snoch-Powlowska, Alke Schmidt, Fryderyk Rudzinski, Faye Spencer, Katherine Jones, Kirsten Schmidt, Mark Burton, Martin Adams, Michelle Rall, Miriam Libhaber, Rebecca Coleman, Sara Waisburd, Spike, Anna Alcock, Adrian Viliyanov, Andrea Rangelova, Bojidara Yonova, Chavdar Radev, David Tadese, Dayana Malinska, Desislava Mitova, Diana Zamfirova, Dilyana Choleva, Dimitrina Bogdanova, Ivailo Mitov, Kalina Milanova, Lyudmila Otuzbirova, Milena Bankovska, Nadyia Vasileva, Petar Hristov, Rada Miladinova, Radina Yordanova, Stella Nikolova, Tomasz Belew, Yoana Krusteva, Prof. Buyan Filchev, Assoc. Prof. Anna Tzolovska, Violeta Yordanova Apostolova-Leti, Tsveta Petrova, Snezhina Biserova, Krasimira Drenska